maureen biggar online counselling

maureen biggar online counselling


the small print...

How does it work?


All commuication between us is confidential and I will not reveal your details or communication to anyone without your written permission, except where disclosure is required by law. See below.

Government authorities have the right to access our email or video accounts only if there is suspicion of illegal or terrorist activities.  Therefore I am not able to guarantee confidentiality in circumstances which lead to access being granted  by your email provider or your video platform provider.  

As we know from recent news stories, nothing on the internet is 100% safe.

However, by password protecting our email exchanges and sending them as attachments, we are  preventing unauthorised interference to our communications.   

I recommend using encrypted video platforms such as Zoom or Vsee on PCs or FaceTime on Apple devices.  Skype is not encrypted.

Data Protection - GDPR 

I am registered with the Information Commissioner's Office ( and comply with their requirements regarding the safekeeping of personal data.

Technical Stuff

The most popular ways of communicating are via video/webcam or email.  I prefer to use a secure video platform such as ZoomVsee or FaceTime, all of which are encrypted. I find this is the closest to face to face counselling.

Vsee can be downloaded for free for individual use.

To protect the confidentiality of our sessions  I ask that you are alone and not likely to be disturbed, and that you do not record our sessions.

Email Exchanges

When using email, my preferred way of working is for you to send a password protected document as an attachment using your usual email service.

I would reply using the same method

We would agree upon a password at our initial session which would then be used for any further confidential communications by email.

I will respond to emails and texts during my normal working hours 9am- 6pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Light and dark on a rainy evening
Light and dark on a rainy evening