maureen biggar online counselling

maureen biggar online counselling


Online and face to face counsellor


 I started my counselling and psychotherapy diploma as a mature student in the mid nineties.  Since then I’ve worked in the NHS with people of all ages, to help them towards finding a more fulfilling way of life.  I retired from the NHS in 2016 and continue to keep a small private practice.

My style of working is based on the building up of a trusting and open relationship between the client and the therapist, which is the basis for all our therapeutic work.  

I believe that what we experienced as children, whether good or bad, affects us throughout our lives; and by being given the time and space to 'tell our story', we develop more insight into why we are the way we are. 

These insights then guide us towards finding ways to change what we want to change, and value those qualities in ourselves that are beneficial.

Favourite Therapy Quote - "It's the relationship that heals... " Irvin Yalom.